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What You Should Know About Elder Law

Elder law is a complex area that everyone must work through as they age. People approaching retirement often wonder about their long-term care. It is essential to find a dedicated, experienced lawyer to guide them through these complexities.

At Caton Law, LLC, attorney Shari Caton is a respected authority in elder law matters across Colorado. She helps people in Colorado understand the legal challenges they face as they enter retirement. She can help you build a plan to meet the difficulties ahead with intelligence and ingenuity.

Looking Ahead With Confidence

When you sit down with Shari, she will review your assets and expenses. Then, she will craft a plan to protect your assets, manage costs, and – if necessary – plan for what should happen if you are incapacitated. She advises clients on the following:

  • Long-term care and disability planning: At a certain point, many people cannot care for themselves on a day-to-day basis, and planning can make that moment easier if it arrives.
  • Medicaid planning: Ensuring your Medicaid benefits continue while preserving your assets is an extremely important part of planning today.
  • Planning to maintain public benefits: Often, public benefits have income or asset requirements that you must meet before receiving benefits.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships: Those without the capacity to care for themselves often need trusted individuals to take on some of that responsibility.
  • Special needs trusts: These specially crafted trusts are a key asset protection tool that may allow you greater financial flexibility while maintaining benefits.

For those clients who have not yet crafted an estate plan, Ms. Caton can help you with that too.

Attentive. Dedicated. Experienced.

When settling your elder law needs, look to an experienced, compassionate source. As your attorney, Shari Caton will put your needs front and center and work hard for you. She will help you build a plan to feel secure for your future.

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